Heating & Air Conditioning fan won’t turn off

I am a honestly light sleeper! It’s so poor that I believe love I can hear a pin drop in the dining room when I am trying to sleep… So I can’t easily sleep well when my wifey is over at my house however I try my best, however she always laughs because she is such a deep sleeper that even shaking him periodically won’t wake him up, then last year while I was over at her house, her Heating & Air Conditioning fan wouldn’t turn off in the middle of the night, and my wifey lives with four other guys so I didn’t want to wake them up over the Heating & Air Conditioning system, however I knew if I did not get the Heating & Air Conditioning program turned off now that I wouldn’t be able to sleep the entire night.

So I tried to calmly wake up my wifey to see if she could help me with the Heating & Air Conditioning fan, even though she wasn’t moving.

So I decided to walk out into the kitchen where their thermostat is located to see if I could figure out the Heating & Air Conditioning program on my own… Well thankfully, 1 of the guys ended up getting up to go to the washroom so she was able to help me turn off the Heating & Air Conditioning fan as well as I was able to easily fall asleep for a few minutes as well as woke up feeling much better. I told my wifey about the whole Heating & Air Conditioning issue as well as the people I was with and I were laughing that she was able to sleep through the whole thing.


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