Heating and Air Conditioning on long train ride makes my life a living hell!

When I tell others, be they friend or stranger, that I routinely Drive between here and the other side of the country, they are often shocked.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I get the strangest reactions! Most of them try to say something about taking a plane instead, but let me tell you – that’s a hard no. As anxiety-inducing as I find airports to be, I’d rather not. Then, some will try to convince me that a train would work instead. Again – how about no! I just shake my head and go back to planning my long road trip in the car, as I am such a fan of driving that it would take a lot for me to consider traveling by plane or train – or even by boat. The last time that I took a train was awful. I’m talking one of the coldest experiences of my life! It was the middle of Summer too, meaning that I dressed in a light sundress to combat the heat. What a mistake that was! I got on the train and in no time, I realized what a mistake this was for me to make. The air conditioner on the train was blowing without any stop, and it was as though they had air vents installed in every location! With no way to get away from the cold gusts of cold air, I had to just sit there and suffer. While I looked around for some sort of air conditioner vent that I might be able to turn down, I couldn’t find anything of the sort. No customizable air vents in the locale, no “off” switch, nothing. For the next 12 hours, I sat and shivered endlessly in my seat.

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