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I dated my previous wifey for five years, on and off, and now that I’m 55 and single once more, I’ve seen that my stock has fallen significantly.

All the younger women have lost interest in me, and they advise me to look for older women and accept the fact that I’ve aged myself.

I haven’t been dating in a while because I met my current wifey immediately after my previous 8-year marriage ended before she did. That tells me that I haven’t been dating since I was a local company’s Heating & A/C rep when I was about 42 years old. I do seem to have some late 40s and early 50s women interested in me, so I’ll shift my focus to a few more older women and see what I can find there. Last month, a French woman who works for a local supplier asked me for my phone number despite the fact that I later learned she is married, which makes me wonder why she would need it. I am not going into that territory anymore after dating a married heating tech for a while after she told me she was getting a divorce, so maybe she isn’t happily married & is looking for an escape. I made a mistake that resulted in a private investigator pursuing my pleasant friend and me, so I won’t make the same mistake again and won’t approach this attractive French woman unless she separates from her Heating & A/C supplier wife. She is reportedly a professor of jiu-jitsu, so that could be another red flag.


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