Heating in the shed

With ample parking in the driveway of our new home, our wife and I decided both of us wanted to convert the garage connected to the home into a playroom for our two charming youngsters.

It had a wide floor space and was perfect for setting up all of their toys in many play stations for them to enjoy.

What both of us didn’t realize at the time was that the garage, despite being linked to the house, was not linked to the rest of the house’s HVAC system. The central heating and cooling method that managed the temperature control of the rest of the home did not extend to the garage, leaving it unprotected from the heat and freezing throughout the year, however living in the north, the lack of heating was a larger concern than the fact there wasn’t any A/C, since both of us dealt with freezing temperatures more than hot 1s throughout the year. We called to speak with an HVAC professional about the options both of us had for the garage, and decided to link the garage to the rest of the house’s heating and A/C system. Then, with that out of the way, both of us were able to recognize secure that our children were playing in a much safer, more comfortable environment. The garage playroom was filled with toys, puzzles, art supplies, and other fun activities that both our youngsters enjoyed. It gave them a safe space to unwind after school before it was time to toil on their homework, and our wife and I were proud to be able to supply what both of us felt was best for our children’s sake. We hoped the playroom would be a source of many thrilled memories for us as a family, and I recognize our family is better off with it in our lives.

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