Heating is the most pricey appliance I own.

I never thought of my Heating plus A/C unit as being an appliance.

I think of appliances as being refrigerators, stoves, ranges, toasters, plus other things along that line.

Heating plus A/C units were not appliances. My insurance carrier told me I was wrong. They did a service for the home plus for me personally. They had limited warranty plus like other machinery, it wasn’t if it would break, but when… I had to pay for regular maintenance so it was a regular bill to keep it well maintained. Our Heating plus A/C unit needed electricity to run, even if Sam and I did have fuel for our boiler. It didn’t matter how full our fuel tank was, if there wasn’t electricity, Sam and I didn’t have heat. I felt like I was listening to a con man trying to sell us the proverbial snake oil. He said to me that my Heating plus A/C unit is the most pricey appliance I will ever own, plus he wanted me to take an insurance policy out on it. I told him I already had a service agreement plus a warranty that covered all the maintenance plus repairs, but he didn’t buy it. He insisted that I needed insurance for the Heating plus A/C equipment. When I tried to go inside the house, he tried to follow me. I slammed the door in his face plus told him the subject was closed. I didn’t want his dumb Heating plus A/C insurance, plus since I didn’t ask him to the house, it was time for him to go. My hubby pulled up into the driveway, plus asked what was going on, he looked square at my hubby plus told him he was just leaving.


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