Heating repair went well

If there’s one thing that I have l gained information on when being a homeowner,  it’s that you should never try to save a whole ton of money when it comes to dire things such as your overall comfort & safety. Last Winter at my house it all started when I came home from work one day & noticed that my heating & cooling equipment wasn’t working at all. The equipment was truly old, so I knew that it wasn’t going keep my place hot forever and would eventually break down. I wasn’t making truly much at my job at the time so I wanted to put off fixing up the unit, or be able to find somebody to do it for cheap. That’s when I went on the web & all I could find were Heating as well as A/C companies that charge a lot of money just for a simple tune up . I ended up texting my best buddy about it later that day, & she told me that her cousin who is a handyman could come over & do it for a much cheaper cost than some of the heating and cooling companies. I trust my best friend, so I decided to take the offer & hire him to come fix my unit. He began to work on the heating equipment and seemed to believe like he knew what he was doing. Once he said he was done he turned on the heating & cooling equipment to see if it would turn on and work. Instead of hot air flowing out of the unit, dirt & smog began to stream out of the equipment along with smoke. It turned out that he had done more harm to the equipment than an actual repair. Because of this, I now need to buy brand new heating and cooling equipment to keep my home hot.

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