Helping train a cooling specialist

I have a guy wanting me to train him on the beach today for $30 so I think I should do it seeing that I don’t have a lot of cash.

$30 can buy me food for a week in this town so I need to take the initiative and train the guy.

He is a cooling tech and wants to learn how to play ball plus I have 30 years of experience so why not provide it a shot. It’s just kind of boring to me to train someone who is just starting in the game, however it will be nice for him so I will do it. I could go to work on some heating plus air conditioning in someone’s house or do this plus be on the beach in the sun plus the sand. I would love to take my pet down there with me but I’m afraid of the dogs that are wandering around. I think the local supplier near the beach would watch my pet while I train the heating plus air conditioning tech so maybe that would work. He is only here for another 2 days and then he has a tournament in another country that he will be playing in. I would love to get some energy saving tips from him before he leaves so I need to remember to ask him when I see him. I have an issue with my A/C unit in my flat using too much energy plus I want to see if he knows anything about how to solve the issue before I go bankrupt.



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