Her ideal job is to own a gym?

My friend Hunter is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She’s a lot of fun, but every now and then throws a bad idea out there. Her and I were recently talking about our dream jobs. If money didn’t matter and you could be whatever, what would you choose? Hunter said she either wanted to work in retail or own a gym. First working in retail is miserable. She really wants to fold jeans in an ideal world? She could totally do that job now part time! Owning a gym I think would be way worse than working in a store. Not only would it be stressful, but not fun at all. There is a core progression in our town. The gym is huge and offers a wide variety of fitness classes. I would think the franchise owner would have a ton of work. I bet the guy has to attend fitness seminars constantly to keep up with the franchise name. Also, the gym has to offer the specific core progression classes and keep up with standards. So that means every personal trainer is a certified fitness expert on that specific class. Finding the fitness expert, paying them and making the schedule would be horrible. Handling customers, gym memberships and discounts would be stressful as well. Is my friend picturing herself running a class or just sitting at a fancy desk in a gym? Again, I think this is a doable dream job too. She really just needs to save some money to get the franchise name and a building. She would be a horrible gym owner though.

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