HEY, ALEXA! Turn down the AC in one hour:

A voice command can now save time, money and energy while giving our Earth’s resources a break.

  • Today’s WIFI availability has taken hefty shots in the media but this is one option I would stand behind instead of against.

Stuck in traffic on your way home, the rush hour just gets hotter on the tar ramps by the minute so take advantage of your smartphone and wifi your air conditioner to begin to cool off your home. Why have it running all day to empty rooms when you can walk into the perfect climate set to YOUR inner cooling needs? By installing a compatible device, your HVAC technician can have each room preprogrammed for your cooling and heating comfort. Saving costly air conditioner repairs or new heater installations, the new rage in home cooling is taking the South by storm. Talk with your HVAC provider about which model is best suited to your smartphone and always check your wifi provider as well. The air conditioning service upgrade will also make sure no wandering fingers are trying to OVER cool or heat the house and Alexa can be considered your new air conditioner nanny. HVAC and WIFI now work voice and voice. Want to save yourself a heater repair? Your smartphone can also be preset for deployment just a few minutes every other hour, averting disasters like frozen burst pipes, overheated furnace boiler burn outs and water heater breakdowns during unexpected frost and winter barrages. Most folks don’t consider a heating conditioning or furnace service as imperative, but your HVAC technician knows better. Now, with the additional help of smartphone, your home can be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us. And we all know she changes her mind at the drop of a hat. Alexa, go HVAC wifi!


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