His knife was sharp, but it couldn't cut the ductwork.

When the HVAC technician arrived, he said he couldn’t find anything wrong with the furnace.

  • He thought there was a blockage in the ductwork, and that was why we had little airflow.

Since we had flexpipe, he was tapping on the ductwork, and trying to hear where there could be a blockage. He got to one spot in the ductwork, and pulled out his knife. I heard my husband yelling at the HVAC technician and wanted to know what he was doing. The HVAC technician told him he wanted to got a small hole in flexpipe and see if the pipe was blocked. He could easily splice the flexpipe back together, and close it with tape. My husband wasn’t happy about this, and was still voicing his opinion as the HVAC technician pulled out his pocket knife. He said the knife was super sharp, but it couldn’t cut the ductwork. My husband told him that even the knife didn’t want him to cut the flexpipe, and the HVAC technician grumbled. My husband was so angry that he texted me to call the HVAC company and have them send out the ductwork cleaners. He didn’t want the HVAC technician cutting the ductwork and ruining it. I told the receptionist what my husband had texted me, and she said she would call the HVAC technician. She had something else for him to do, besides trying to find blockages by cutting through the ductwork. My husband was chuckling when he came upstairs. He said the HVAC technician was so angry, he couldn’t remember how to close his pocket knife.


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