Holding a party every year and the a/c is no good

Every year I need to make a trip down south.

I am going to visit my buddy Kyle.

Kyle loves to do a big party for all the guys we want to school with. The party is a big deal to my buddies. They were entirely on myself to go. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t ever go to the party. The reason is because of the drive I need to make. Also where they hold our party every year is terrible. We always have to go to this old golfing site and the place is sweltering. I do not think that the building maintains the Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning system plan. I wish they would at least have the party in the fall or winter. Perhaps the heating plan works in the golfing area. I would rather be too cold than too tepid anyway. The a/c in the golf spot barely can turn on. When it does the air is super sticky like. I sweat, get tired and feel sick the whole time. I usually sweat through my shorts the moment I arrive. Kyle regularly has a friend reunion on the hottest weekend of the year too. I entirely dread going just because I think that the air quality is icky. I also think that I will be cranky and too warm. Last party when every one of us showed up for the reunion, the A/C was not even on. I found the thermostat control and turned on the air conditioning system. But, there was no luck with it.

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