Home had no insulation when we looked at it

You never think what people are going to neglect to mention when you first discuss something with them.

This was honestly something we have dealt with as parents of more than two difficult children.

It seems like all of our adolescents provide us half truth rather than being completely transparent and forthcoming with their details. This has been a challenge all throughout raising them. As adults, they continue to try our last nerve with their exclusion of important information. This was honestly the case when my oldest son asked us to cosign on a house for him, only for us to discover that the house was in need of immediate repairs. Apparently, my son had no plan that your house needs to have the indoor air temperature control, when he looked at the house he never bothered to ask the realtor about any form of indoor air pollen levels control, such as the oil furnace or air conditioning. As a result, the Heating and A/C idea was over 15 years old and appeared as though it had never been professionally serviced in that entire time. When we took a look at the oil furnace it was a block of rust. The a/c idea did not look much better, however unluckyly, the more we looked around the more trouble we found. The ductwork was in bad condition and even the temperature control was disintegrating before our entirely eyeah. The final straw was realizing that there was no insulation contained in the attic. My son wanted us to co-sign on this house for him, even though he could not even afford the Heating and A/C upgrades let alone the entire structure.