Home Shopping Saved the Day

I get bored a lot of times on my mornings off from work.

I am sort of a loner sometimes and do not have any friends local to me at the moment, so I am pretty much by myself alot.

Due to this I will just flip the channels on the cable cable system, and actually the last time I was doing this I happened to stop on a shopping network that was selling all kinds of things. I was flipping the channels and then went back later and I saw them selling portable a/cs at a really cheap price! I know good prices. Usually I had thought these home shopping channels on the cable to be rip offs for people that don’t know much better. But this was a true deal I knew that! I kept watching to see if there was going to be the obvious catch. But there was no catch! It was really a portable air conditioning unit for almost one hundred dollars cheaper than it would be about anywhere else! This must have been the fates shining on me for me to flip this channel on because I was just worrying about buying a portable air conditioning unit just last week! I decided to call them up on the phone and call the number on the screen, as they said, to order the portable air conditioning piece from the home shopping channel. They were even also offering free express shipping if I was to call and order the portable air conditioning deal while the sale was going on live on the channel, which is what I wanted to do anyway. I think I just might watch this home shopping stuff more often.
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