Home Shopping Who knew

I get bored sometimes on my afternoons off from work like anybody I guess.

I am sort of a loner in a sense sometimes.

I do not have any friends locally to me at present. So I am pretty much by myself much of the time, and because of this I will just flip the channels on the cable cable TV, but don’t you know the last time I was doing this I happened to stop on a shopping network that was selling the things they usually sell. I flipped the channel back about a half an hour later or so and I saw them selling portable A/Cs at a very cheap price! You bet I was paying attention! Usually I always am thinking these home shopping channels on the cable channels are rip offs for people that don’t go out or know prices. But this was a true blue deal! I kept seeing the TV to see if there was going to be some trick or bad part of the deal. Yet there wasn’t! It was totally just a portable A/C for almost basically a hundred dollars cheaper than it would be in the stores! This must have been the good luck I was waiting for, because I was just thinking about buying a portable A/C last week or so! I decided to use the phone plus call the number on my screen to order the portable A/C from this home shopping channel. They were even offering free fast shipping if I was to call and order the portable A/C while the sale was going on live on the channel. I guess I might be watching this home shopping stuff more now.

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