Hometown Guests Staying with me For Two Weeks

It’s nice having a couple of friends from my hometown here to keep me company for a couple of weeks.

I’ve been living here alone and it can get very quiet with just my cats so having some company of familiar faces is a nice treat.

The guy works for a local business back home and his girlfriend works at an HVAC company in the same town. The first thing they asked me when I told them to come visit was if I had air conditioning. I think they know a lot of the flats here don’t have AC which makes it quite difficult to sleep at night. I couldn’t survive without it and I usually keep it pretty cold here. My power bills are usually about $120 during the summer, which isn’t bad considering how much the HVAC system runs each day. I think back home in the states my power bill would be triple of what it is here. That is one of the reasons I moved overseas, to cut down on my living expenses so I could have more free time each day. It has worked out quite well and I only work about 15 hours a week for the HVAC business doing writing gigs and whatnot. This gives me a lot of free time to practice drums and play volleyball, along with a lot of time just chilling out in the sand on my favorite beach. I have a good life and I have my heating and cooling writing gig to thank for that. Life is good my friends.


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