Hope she knows about HVAC

I want to make sure that I am getting closer to the right kind of woman for me

For a long while, I’ve never actually thought too much about settling down. As I get older, I’ve began to consider the type of qualities I want in a fiance. For the most part, I want to agree with my fiance on most things, then of course, nobody can agree on everything. That being said, the most important things should match up. For example, I love to keep a disinfected home with excellent air quality; My fiance should be on the same page when it comes to Heating in addition to A/C method service. I want our Heating in addition to A/C component to be running at maximum capacity so that I think I am saving money on the energy bills… That air filter needs to be changed in a timely fashion, again for energy savings! If she can’t agree on those type of things, then we have no business getting married because we would be fighting all the time. It will really be a long ways down the road before I end up getting married, but I’m starting to be more picky with the women that I date. I want to make sure that I am getting closer to the right kind of woman for me. I’m certain that I don’t want somebody who is lazy. I like someone who like to try new things, keep busy, and does her fair share when it comes to the responsibilities of running a household in addition to taking care of a family. When the time comes, we’ll start out with a few pets, and see where that takes us.