Hot bacon and eggs for working on a hard HVAC problem

My friend David and I got sent to a restaurant this morning to work on an AC problem.

  • This is the first time the restaurant has called to use our commercial HVAC services.

I don’t know what HVAC company the restaurant was using previously, but they really didn’t take care of the system. When David and I opened up the AC unit, I found three different spots duct-taped. As a professional HVAC technician, I would never repair a problem with duct tape. Though it can be very useful for fixing small problems around the house, duct tape is not a professional repair tool. David and I located the problem with the commercial AC unit. I talked to the manager about the repair and told them it was going to cost about $1,500. The restaurant manager had to call the owner to get permission to spend money on the commercial HVAC repair. David and I sat around for an hour, while they waited for a call back. During that time, the restaurant gave us some breakfast. David had bacon, eggs, and toast, and I had sausage biscuits and gravy. They fed us for free and gave us coffee as well. When the restaurant owner finally called back, they agreed to pay for the commercial HVAC repairs. David and I spent all day working on that problem, but the restaurant manager was extremely happy when we were finished. We also repaired the items that were previously duct-taped. I’ll be happy to go back to that place again, especially if a delicious and hot breakfast is included.


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