Hot water and washing dishes

I had suds all over the bedroom.

I screwed up royally when I first got our dishwasher. I was a young bride and the two of us had never had a dishwasher when I lived at home. My fiance thought it would be a nice gift for me when I was pregnant. It was a really nice sentiment, although I had no system how to run it. I wasn’t feeling well one night, and I had loaded all of the dishes into the dishwasher. I didn’t have any dishwasher cleanser so I used our correct dish detergent. I didn’t want to chase our fiance out for dishwasher detergent, because it was freezing and snowy and she didn’t have a gas furnace in her car. I just wanted to rest at condo and feel the heat from the gas furnace. When our fiance called from work to see if I was okay, I never thought to tell him about the dishwasher detergent. I was too tied up talking to him, enjoying hearing her voice and telling him about the baby’s heartbeat, that I had heard that night. When she got condo that night, I heard him down in the bedroom. I got up, like I always did, and there she was scrubbing the bedroom. That’s when I realized that dish liquid and dishwashing detergent were not the same. I had suds all over the bedroom. The heat of thehotwater, had the suds sticky and she wasn’t having a unbelievable time. She smiled and told me to go back to bed. I snuggled up in the heat of the bed while I heard him cleaning the floor. I may never live that one down..
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