How Many Times Has Your HVAC Let You Down?

Do you ever feel like your appliances and modern era tools are letting you down? I constantly feel that way because they always are! Let me explain.

Seven months ago, my boss decided to move to a downtown office.

In a way, it is better because we are an advocacy group that serves as the public policy voice for our membership base, so we need to be near the state capitol. However, the move has been vicious to me. First, the elevator broke down. I have arthritis and I had to walk up and down three flights of stairs every day. The stairs are on the outside of the building, too, with no air conditioning! It took three months to get it fixed, and I had to trudge up the outside stairs with no a/c every day. I never left at lunchtime, that’s for sure! It took our internet provider nearly six months to get our internet working correctly. Our phones still don’t work right. And now, to top it all off, the HVAC is not working, either! I like my job, but the working conditions are making me miserable! The heating and cooling doesn’t work at all. In fact, no matter what I set the thermostat to, it just pushes out a/c whenever it wants or heating whenever it wants. It is like the HVAC is possessed. In fact, both my boss and I have completely turned off the HVAC units, but the heater still spits out hot air! It was so hot in my office yesterday that I was red in the face! I opened the door because the outside hallway has no heating and cooling, so I let in the cooler hallway air to survive. My HVAC lets me down every single day.
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