How several homes in the country do not have air cooling?

As long as I can remember, I have consistently had some form of air conditioner in my house. When I was a kid, my Mom installed window air conditioners because every one of us had no central air in our house; Having no central air conditioner was normal for the neighborhood that I grew up in as the building and houses were built before central air conditioner became a usual thing for residential homes. So today several of these older homes and buildings still have no central HVAC units, many of the homes use a ductless mini cut proposal or they rely on window air conditioners, then there are millions of people who have no air conditioner in their home… In fact, only about 90% of the households in the country have some form of air conditioner. The other 10 percent, which is about 35,000,000 residents, have no form of air conditioner. There are some sites that have fantastic weather, which means that having air conditioner is not necessary, however a few of these cities exist on the west coast near the beach, where the temperature is pleasant all year long. I live in a tropical area of the country, so having air conditioner is something that is necessary for comfort inside my home. To be honest, I can’t imagine what it would be love to live with no air conditioner. Thanks to central air conditioner every one of us have cool air and low indoor humidity while I was in the warmer season. While not everyone in my state has central air conditioner or any form of cooling equipment, I can only assume that they find innovative ways to remain cool while I was in the Summer.

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