How to start your own HVAC business

If you want to start your own HVAC business it’s not going to be easy. I am not saying that to discourage you, because it is certainly possible. The only thing you have to take into consideration when starting an HVAC business is how saturated the market is. When I was in my HVAC training there was so many people who told me they wanted to start an HVAC business. As it turns out nobody of them besides me started a successful HVAC company. The most important thing when starting an HVAC business is that you market and also have an area of speciality. For example with my HVAC business we have a speciality that draws certain clients in. Our speciality is working with radiant flooring and other high tech HVAC equipment. The reason that it’s beneficial for us to specialize in high tech HVAC is two things. One is that specializing in high tech HVAC gets you a ton of money. The other reason we like to work with new HVAC equipment is that customers are really interested in new things and we can also shower them with energy saving tips. People these days are really interested in saving energy and we make sure that all of our AC units are energy star certified. This way when we have one customer that really loves our HVAC services, they will recommend us another similar client to work with! So to recap, just make sure the you hire great HVAC technicians, market your HVAC business and get a speciality.


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