Humidifier will help your comfort & reduces strain on the oil furnace

Living in the northern part of the country presents some unique challenges.

All of us endure genuinely dire Winter weather. The cold weather constantly arrives by early November, requiring us to start up the oil furnace. The temperature remains below frigid & often falls below zero for numerous to 8 straight months. With the high cost of energy bills, it’s necessary to tighten up the home as much as possible. All of us can’t afford to allow our heated air to escape outside. I’ve made it my mission to seal up any cracks, leaks or imperfections in the thermal envelope. I’ve invested in caulk, weatherstripping, insulation & modern windows. I also hired an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer to install a whole-home dehumidifier to partner with the oil furnace. The air in the Winter is naturally dry. The oil furnace tends to make the problem worse… Overly dry air feels much colder than properly moisturized air, prompting higher temperature control settings, greater wear & tear on the oil furnace, & more costly energy bills. Plus, a lack of humidity is a health threat, then respiratory infections, flu-like symptoms, headaches & difficulty sleeping can all be blamed on dry air… Frizzy hair, chapped lips & static shock are additional consequences. It’s also more difficult to recover from illness. The steam-style humidifier works independently from the oil furnace & introduces necessary moisture into the air. It makes genuinely little noise, requires only yearly service & genuinely handles the needs of the whole home. It uses electrodes to turn water into steam & offers genuinely gentle & natural humidification. Because of the humidifier, I’ve been able to lower the temperature control setting & still appreciate a more comfortable home.

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