Humidity another part of HVAC impact on indoor air quality

There is something about being inside my home during the summertime that is a saving grace. And that thing is the HVAC. Without the exceptional cooling comfort the HVAC provides, I think I might just sweat myself into a puddle. Our region is known for high heat and humidity for about a four month stretch during the summer. The only way to make it through is to have an HVAC system that is prepared to take care of the job. I know now that I am spending so much more time inside due to the pandemic. This circumstance has lead me to consider the indoor air quality of my house more than I have ever considered it previously. I want to be sure that I am giving my immune system every opportunity to be strong. Poor indoor air quality can be a very big drain on a person’s immune system. There are so many airborne contaminants which it has to fight off that it just drags the immune response down. One airborne contaminant that I don’t have to worry about is mold & mildew. That is a big, dangerous combination. But, the HVAC takes care of that one without me having to do anything but enjoy the cool. The process of cooling the home includes balancing the humidity. Part of the HVAC process involves removing warm air from the home and exhausting it outside. As it does this, a great deal of moisture from the air is exhausted outside as well. So, at least I don’t have to worry about mold messing with my respiratory system thanks to the HVAC.

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