Husband won’t workout

I am a true believer in the importance of working out.

  • I know that everyone can benefit from cardio, strength and balance training.

I have been pushing my husband to workout without any success. He frequently complains of sore muscles and joints. He works from home, sitting at a computer for long hours. His neck, shoulders, back and hips all bother him. Rather than stretch to loosen the muscles and increase range of motion, he prefers to spend money for a regular massage appointment. He hasn’t been overly happy with the results. He still feels tense and sore after a $50 massage. My husband also suffers from stomach pain. He has issues with frequent burping, feeling nauseous and the need to run to the bathroom. I cook clean, healthy meals. We don’t eat pasta, red meat or much dairy. Even with healthy eating, he still feels bloated and uncomfortable after eating. I never have the same problems. It’s because I work out. Regular exercise gets me moving, feeling energized and good about myself. I wake up in the morning with a great outlook. I never feel sick or in pain. I have attempted to convince my husband to at least try going to the gym. I have offered to pay for personal training or join a group fitness class with him. He would rather complain about his health problems and sit at his desk. I told him that if he isn’t careful he is going to face long lasting health problems. He can’t totally neglect his health and complaints of his body without developing serious issues.