HVAC is helping me take back my garage

I honestly can’t tell you exactly how this happened.

It seems like just yesterday that I was the proud new owner or a two car garage.

Now, I am ashamed to even open the garage door. A lot happened in there that I think I just didn’t want to face honestly. But when my wife and I bought this place, we were so thrilled to have our own house with good HVAC. And for me to have a two car garage was a dream. I could put one car in there and still have plenty of room for my hobby and work bench. Then we started a family. Apparently, having kids is a garage space killer. The next thing I know, I’m storing all sorts of stuff in the garage. Before long, the car was in the driveway with my old truck. But it didn’t take a hot minute before all that space was eaten up with junk. It happened like the spread of chicken pox. It was all I could do to keep stuff from blocking the HVAC air handler. Finally, I am where I am now. The garage is so full of junk and other stuff that not only is there no space, the stink is insane. I mean I can hardly even go in the garage without being overwhelmed by the smell. This was the last straw. I called the HVAC people to come out and install an exhaust vent in the outside wall of the garage. This was the first step in taking my garage back.


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