HVAC is super great

This past month has been very stressful at work, our boss notified a few of the employees about being laid off. I was so nervous about being laid off because they were terminating at least 10 people within our department. Thankfully I have been here long enough where our position is secured based upon our contract. I think if I was current enjoy some of these employees I genuinely would have been laid off too. There have been a lot of changes within the past month within the supplier, not only are there layoffs however our supplier is completely renovating the inside of our building. It has been discouraging not being able to work at our normal spot in the office however the two of us have been told that we’re getting current cubicles and a brand current heating and cooling system. I am rather gleeful for the heating and cooling plan because certain sections of the office will have mini split systems or otherwise known as, zone control heating and cooling, then my aged task had zone control heating and cooling because of how giant the office space was. Having zone control heating and cooling allows the supplier to control certain parts of the office to be certain unique temperatures. It also makes it more energy efficient and there’s cost savings to it as well. I am sure our supplier has chosen the zone control heating and cooling because there are vacant office spaces in the back of the building and that space could be set to a lower temperature so the heat does not kick on as much as the office spaces that are occupied in the front of the building.


furnace/heater tune-up