HVAC service plan saved the day after an emergency AC breakdown

My schedule was packed to the extent I couldn’t take anything else.

  • You can imagine the frustration I had to suffer when my son came running to me about a loud bang he had heard from the central heating and cooling unit.

I knew what this meant but I was not ready for it. Feeling like I would scam, I breathed in and out for some time and finally called my HVAC service provider. There was so much going on that I had forgotten my HVAC unit was due for annual service and maintenance the next day. The HVAC professional that received the call was so gracious to inform me that there was no need to worry. He reminded me of the upcoming HVAC maintenance and thet every issue would be fixed. When I inquired about the cost, he reminded me that I didn’t have to pay anything since I was already part of their maintenance plan. It turns out I had paid for this service at the beginning of the year and forgot about it. I sighed with relief as this was one thing off my list. Since the weather was still bearable, we would pull through the night with no stress. The team of HVAC professionals were at my doorstep the next day early in the morning. They brought all their tools especially because they had a report of what had happened. SOme of them went straight to the outdoor AC unit to inspect further while others started from the inside. They took about three hours to get everything done. It turned out that it wasn’t such a big issue and the unit would be ready for summer.


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