HVAC service plan was just what I needed

Things around here seem to go like a mile a minute. It’s not so much that I am even trying to get everything a hundred percent done any longer. It’s like I’m settling for 80 percent or better. And so that means plenty of things fall right off the radar and just don’t happen. But when you spend nearly 60 hours a week inside the zone controlled HVAC of an office, things are going to get missed. And when the big things start getting missed, that’s when there are real consequences. For sure, that’s what happened this summer. We live in a region that experiences a great deal of heat and humidity each summer. In fact, there it gets so hot that we don’t even call it summer instead we refer to the months from June through September as heat season. Well of course, one must have great HVAC cooling around here just to manage heat season. For sure, the zone controlled HVAC in the office is on point. And at home, we had the best residential HVAC equipment installed when we bought our home. But that was more than a dozen years ago and I have not been super consistent with the HVAC maintenance. I missed the air conditioning tune up this spring and this time, we paid for it. The HVAC unit just quit in August and I had to call for an emergency service call. So the next day, I called the HVAC company again. This time, I signed up for the HVAC service plan so I won’t miss the HVAC maintenance appointments ever again.

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