HVAC sizing is important

Purchasing one’s first home is an experience all its own.

I thought that I was savvy enough to navigate this thing on my own.

Turns out, I was so wrong about that. There are simply so many details associated with purchasing a home. From all the band stuff to the home inspections and then all the legal steps that must be followed. It didn’t take long before I found myself in way over my head. Thankfully, my dad offered some experienced guidance. The home inspection showed that the HVAC was in need of replacement. My dad helped me negotiate the price down due to the fact that I would have to get a new HVAC unit. When the sale was all buttoned up, the HVAC system was the very first issue to tackle. With my dad helping me, I met with the HVAC contractors and studied their proposals. I was quite surprised by how much the HVAC quotes varied. Dad helped me to understand that the HVAC contractor I should go with was the one who could adequately explain the math or the estimate. Several of the HVAC quotes used really large HVAC units. My initial feeling was the bigger the better. However, I learned that a competent HVAC contractor does a series of specific measurements to properly size the HVAC unit to the space. It it’s too big it short cycles and wears out the equipment. Too small and it will not be able to meet demand. Fortunately, I had my father to guide me through all of that and I have a really great HVAC unit that is just right.

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