HVAC tech arrives on snowmobile

I can tell you that there are not many humans on this planet who really care about the job that they do.

I think most people settle for making a steady paycheck and call it a day.

After that, they stop trying to change anything in their lives and settle for whatever conditions they have already established. I don’t feel like many people are very passionate about what they do each day or the existence that they have created. That being said, I know a heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist who does not fit to this mold. In fact, he has to be the most dedicated HVAC repairman who has ever existed, if you ask me. This dedication to his position in the air quality control industry was proven to me vehemently a few weeks ago when a horrible polar vortex rolled through our town. The air temperature dropped 30 degrees in an hour. My central heating and cooling system was already struggling to keep up with the relatively cold outdoor air temperatures for several weeks at that point. When the climate rapidly changed, my heating system completely gave up on life. Suddenly, there was cold air coming through every air vent no matter what I did on the thermostat. This is when I called my local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership for an emergency repair appointment. Unfortunately, all of the HVAC technicians were snowed into their houses. All, except one. The most dedicated HVAC technician on the planet arrived at my house an hour after I made the call… On a snowmobile.

Air conditioning workman