I accidentally disfigured the air ducts

My partner and I were decorating our home for the Winter time holiday season.

While she was arranging garland, candles, and holiday knick-knacks, I was trying to find every strand of lights.

The only box I could find abruptly was filled with the newer LED style lights that we tend to keep indoors and use throughout our residing room and family room. For outdoors, we instead gravitate towards the older incandescent style lights. Sure, they’re more frustrating to maintain and to service whenever a bulb goes out, although I just prefer the way they glow in evening Winter time snow. It could be nostalgia bias, since incandescent bulbs were all that was available when I was a young child, however they still are lovely in their own right. I found most of them while rummaging in the garage, however then I remembered I stashed some that I bought while in an after holidays sale several years ago. I put them in the attic and never took them down, with all of them still in their original packaging. When I ascended the small wood ladder into my cramped attic, I turned on the light and looked into the expanse of dusty cobwebs, Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC duct, cross beams, and outdated cardboard boxes. It took myself and others at least an minute of twisting and bending in slim angles while trying to avoid stepping into ceiling insulation! In fixating on the insulation, I didn’t realize that I had stepped right into a section of flexible HVAC duct, piercing it completely with my foot. The embarrassment I felt telling my partner was overwhelming, although she was understanding albeit still insistent that we make arrangements for ventilation repair as soon as possible. Thankfully, our serviceman is busy to arrive tomorrow day to repair the disfigured HVAC duct.

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