I accidentally mistook Fahrenheit for Celsius on my heater.

I am from a country that uses Celsius for our primary temperature reading. Whenever we set our furnaces or air conditioners, we are used to reading low numbers, and we have never known that there was another temperature option. Every other country that we had traveled to used Celsius for all of their HVAC units, so the transition was simple. However, on my recent trip to the United States, we found that they do not use Celsius on their thermostats. They use Fahrenheit. As I went to be, I set my thermostat at what would be considered a moderate temperature in Celsius, 27 degrees, and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I was shocked to discover that my room hadn’t been heated the entire night. On the contrary, the room had been air-conditioned to the coldest temperature that I had ever experienced in a house. I didn’t understand what had happened, and I immediately assumed that the furnace was broken. I called the front office, and I told them that the furnace in my room was broken. Soon, an HVAC worker knocked on my door and began checking the HVAC units, starting with the thermostat. He then began to laugh, and he asked me what country I was from. Apparently, he had guessed that I was using Celsius to set my thermostat, causing the temperature to be very cold. The HVAC technician helped me to install an app on my phone that calculated the proper temperature, and now I can use my furnace properly! No more air conditioner during the winter for me!



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