I am building a new home

I hired a woman visit my home in the north once a month while I spent the Winter down south.

The woman was paid to come in, water the plants, flush toilets, run the faucets and make sure the heating system was OK.

I paid her well to do a job that probably took her fifteen minutes. The woman did a good job. I heard not a word from her the whole time I was away. I was told nothing about the plants, plumbing or the heating. When I came home, I realized that she did too good of a job, way more I hired her to do. She definitely watered the plants. She flooded them. All my plants died due to the over watering. I’m not convinced the toilets in the house got regularly flushed. The water stained the bowls. I was required to do heavy duty scrubbing. The biggest problem was that the heating system. It was set to low heating mode the whole time I was down south. The heating system was shut off when I came home. The woman had not turned it off. The heating system just quit. The house dropped down to an extremely cold temperature. The kitchen plumbing was frozen solid and required several space heaters to thaw them. I came home, and right away needed to fix the furnace. I had no idea when it malfunctioned or why. So I hired an HVAC contractor for emergency service. Why didn’t the woman I hired warn me about the problem with the heating system? Did she not notice how cold the house had gotten?


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