I am earning here respect

I think smart devices are pretty awesome. I also think it’s crazy how fast technology has exploded in the last 20 years. I can remember a time when phones were huge and extremely durable and texting was this new thing. The phones were technically small computers back then, they sure were a far cry from the smartphones that we enjoy today. If you told me that we would one day be able to browse the internet and have all sorts of really cool apps and games on our cell phones, I would be amazed. Now we all take that for granted. Because of my interest in smart devices, I was delighted to hear that smart thermostats worth a thing. When I first heard about smart thermostats but had no idea how they would work, I was pondering what exactly would make them “smart.” I did not think that I would need to surf the web or play games on my thermostat! It turns out that smart thermostats are smart in a far more practical and relevant way. Smart thermostats go one step beyond programmable thermostats in that they can eventually learn the habits that you exhibit in the settings that you schedule on your thermostat and the thermostat will adjust itself accordingly. The smart thermostat can also be manipulated from your smartphone or tablet, so that you can adjust the temperature and other settings from wherever you are, whether you are at home or not. Smart thermostats seem to make life so much easier and I cannot wait to get one for myself!

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