I am just plain too hot!

During the summer, I have a genuinely hard time sleeping, but it gets reallyhotin our apartment, despite the fact that the A/C runs all day plus all night.

I suppose it’s because our house is on the top floor of our building; My associate typically complains about the heat too, plus the two of us have been residing next door to each other for numerous years, during the hottest afternoons of the year, the A/C component typically struggles. My associate plus I have spoken with the house building supervisor on numerous occasions, however they insist that our A/C is just fine. I suppose that is not the case, because it feels much weird on the third floor, then it does on the first floor. My lady lives in the same house building, although she is on the first floor… She does not even have to set the A/C easily cold, plus her house feels nicer than mine. I do not suppose what the two of us can do to help the A/C labor more efficiently, plus the two of us have tried a couple of things. My associate plus I cleaned the air vents plus the HVAC duct, plus the two of us even change the air filter frequently. I suppose it’s an issue that the two of us cannot fix, plus that means the house building supervisor should be able to help. If I could hire an A/C company to look at the problem, I would, but unfortunately, they won’t even come out to look at the system, because it is an house building. I guess it becomes a liability issue, since it’s technically a commercial property plus not residential.

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