I am no HVAC expert

I still remember years ago when I met my husband’s parents for the first time, and just how terrible it ended up going.

We are on great terms as we know each other better now.

My inlaws are backdated and don’t appreciate talking with people who are different from them. I, being a city boy, who knew nothing about the countryside was never in their good books. But upon my first visit, my father-in-law asked me if I could help him tune up their air conditioner in the garage that had been giving him trouble. I told him that would be no problem, however, once we were trying to fix it, my extreme lack of HVAC knowledge showed up. My wife offered me a stern look, which was an instruction to sit down and do nothing. But I wanted to impress so I went forward anyway. He started asking me questions that only an expert would know. Since then things have been pretty awful between us, and I hope that someday will come when the old-school man can look past my lack of HVAC expertise and give me a fair chance.

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