I am not an HVAC Handyman

I remember years ago when I met our wife’s parents for the first time, it was horrible.

Now we don’t hate each other anymore.

My inlaws are old-school and never been the style to enjoy the company of people different than them! I, being a city boy, who knew nothing about country residing, I think I was already on this gentlemen bad book before I even met them. On our first visit, my father-in-law asked me if I could help him fix the air conditioning unit that had been giving him problems. I told him that would be no problem, but once we started working on the AC unit, my lack of expertise showed up. My wife gave me a look before I got up to go help, which looked like she was telling me to not get up, but at the moment I thought it was my chance to impress! He was asking me all sorts of questions that only a handyman can answer. After like a hundred questions my wife finally came to my rescue. Since then things have been pretty bad between us, and I hope that soon he will be able to look past my lack of HVAC maintenance skills and just offer me a chance!

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