I am not capable of ductwork cleaning

I was listening to a local podcast on my way to work the other afternoon.

They then played a commercial about a sale.

The sale was for the local heating and cooling company in town was having. It was a sale on cleaning your HVAC ducts. I thought about it and knew I needed air duct cleaning. I have lived in my beach house for 10 years and I have never gotten it! So I called the Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning company and got an appointment with them to come and disinfect Heating and Air Conditioning vents. It was going to be a month or so before they could fit me into their busy schedule. I thought I would go ahead and do some of the early work myself. I got out my ladder and my shop vac to do the vent cleaning. Then I got to work. I unscrewed the air vent covers in my kitchen first and stuck the vacuum hose into the wall. I don’t know what happened, but the next thing I knew, the shop vac had basically made a giant crash and I had dirt, dust and hair all over my kitchen. Even worse than that, the air conditioning system plan happened to turn on at that right moment. I realized too late that I should have turned the Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning system plan off before I started finally working on this cleaning. The dirt and hair that was inside the shop vac got sucked right into the vents and promptly was pushed throughout the entire house.



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