I am regularly cold

People can be truly different from each other… We can have different tastes in food, hobbies, and clothing.

We can have varying talents in different lines of work, but or the two of us can perceive air temperature harshly differently from the next person; I fall into that last category. I’ve pretty much figured out that I regularly believe colder than just about most people else in just about any given temperature. If I am going to the grocery store, I am most legitimately going to need to wear a coat or a thick sweater, even if I do have an extra layer, I try to stay in the freezer or dairy section for as little time as necessary… Hot, muggy afternoons do not bother myself and others near as much as cold afternoons and I use our air conditioning plan quite moderately even when it is hot outside, then there are some venues that I actively try to avoid unless I absolutely need to visit them… My friends go to the theater often, but at least to me, it feels like they are regularly blasting the air conditioning plan 24/7 in there! If there’s a movie that I am certainly interested in seeing, I will bundle up in Winter time clothing and to go with our friends to try and protect myself from the freezing air conditioning, then as you may have guessed, the 2 venues that I absolutely do not care for going to or the doctor’s office and the hospital. I am well aware that they purposely turn the air conditioning plan up truly high in order to create a cold environment where it is hard for germs to spread, but it still makes myself and others angry!