I am suffering now

I love when my husband goes to golf on sundays. I get one guaranteed day to do all the stuff that I need to get done. I can mop the floors without him trekking through. I can do a long work out without interruptions. I also don’t need to worry about making him meals. Sundays are the best days. What is seriously nice is that I can hire professional work done when he is gone. My husband thinks he is the fix it king. However, he is not very handy with tools and tends to break what he is trying to fix. The HVAC system can’t take anymore of his abuse. At least twice a year the HVAC should get a tune up. My husband always says how he is going to get around to it. Thankfully, he never does. He used to try and clean the HVAC. In the end the HVAC would be dirty, damaged and suffering from his fixing. Now on sundays when he goes to golf, I make a HVAC tune up appointment. The HVAC professional has quite a large window on when he can arrive and leave. There is no rush and I am prepared to pay whatever. I figured that if I had my husband do it, I would need to pay for a HVAC repair in the end. So paying more money for a weekend appointment never bothers me. Sometimes I get stuck with holiday pay. I don’t care either way. As long as the HVAC is taken care of and my husband is not the one doing it.

HVAC service plan