I bet a boiler would work great

Living in the northeast, the heating system is a huge concern.  We deal with approximately eight straight months of freezing cold weather.  Feet of snow, sub zero temperatures, freezing rain, and brutal wind chill are an expensive and difficult challenge.  Keeping a warm and comfortable home is a major expense. After living in several different homes, with various types of heating systems, I’ve decided that a boiler is the best option.  A boiler is a compact heating system which uses water to convey heat energy. The boiler is a closed system, so it doesn’t draw from the home’s water supply. There are pipes connected to the boiler which carry the heated water to either baseboard heaters, radiators or radiant flooring.  This process is exceptionally quiet, clean and energy efficient. Instead of blowing heat into the room, the heat is infused into the air and warms all of the surfaces of the room. There are no cold surfaces to steal body heat, and far less temperature stratification than with a forced air furnace.  The highest temperature remains near the floor, which allows lower thermostat settings. Because of this, it costs a lot less to keep a warm and cozy home. In my home, I’ve installed radiant flooring throughout. I like that this type of heating equipment is entirely concealed beneath the floor. There’s no ugly ducts, vents or heating equipment taking up space or requiring a specialized furniture arrangement.  There’s also no influx of contaminants, such as dust, pollen or bacteria, making hydronic heating beneficial for anyone who suffers from allergies. The boiler easily accommodates zoned heating, which allows personalized temperature settings in each room.