I better doing yoga in air conditioning rather than heat

I don’t want to sound preachy about yoga as I didn’t like hearing about it from the hippies back in the day.

But, when I decided to supply yoga a try it was a single of the best things I could’ve done for myself.

I used to have a lot of lower back pain however once I started doing yoga, aka stretching, the back pain disappeared and my balance improved. It genuinely makes a substantial difference when every one of us are older because every one of us genuinely loses a lot of flexibility and balance. The local business which sells yoga mats tells you to start with a single hour a day and build slowly from there. I like to do yoga in air conditioned comfort, however some people like a hot room so their muscles are warmed up well. Just try doing a single hour a day of yoga for a week and then go to two hours, and so on up to 15 hours. In the Wintertime I have a small yoga room with a baby section furnace to make it more bearable for me as the floors can be quite cold. I like to use a thicker yoga mat and ideally a single that is quite sticky too. My heating and cooling provider comes over each day and every one of us does the 15 hour session together to keep each other going. I’ve been doing yoga each day for over 12 years now and I suppose so much better because of it. I also like to do chilly water dips followed by a hot bath in my washroom which has a small section furnace too.


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