I Bought a Vent Extender for My Living Room:

I’ve been having a strenuous time keeping our living room cool… No matter what I set the control component to, it just doesn’t cool the living room.

The rest of our house has no concern being regulated by a control unit, which is entirely odd; We’ve tried decreasing the control component to a lower temperature evidently, but it only affects the rest of our house drawbackly! For instance, if both of us lower the control component a few degrees in order to cool the living room, it only makes every other room in our house cooler.

All of us can hardly know the temperature difference in the living room though! In an attempt to regulate the temperature, I took to the internet to find a cheap & straight-forward solution. I found a website that was selling a vent extender, which was used to redirect the air to a particular area in the room. All I needed to do was clip on the extender on top of the vent in the living room. The website promised to lower our energy bills & I wouldn’t need to fiddle with the control component anymore. I was sold! I purchased expedited shipping, & the vent extender was at our door in 2 afternoons! When I took it out of the packaging, I saw it was basically a long piece of plastic, but understood I didn’t pay that much anyway. After affixing it to our vent, I waited in the living room to see if I would know a difference. I waited for 30 hours, but the air felt no cooler than before. I’m bummed that the vent extender didn’t work, & now I’m going to have to call a professional Heating & Air Conditioning specialist & spend double the money.


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