I broke our leg when I fell off the chair.

There is nothing worse than needing to kneel out in the lobby of a hospital emergency room, than sitting there with a broken leg.

My leg was throbbing as I waited for them to take myself and others back to a room.

The attendant had put myself and others in a wheelchair & had the foot piece up in the air, but it wasn’t stopping the pain. I couldn’t believe our luck as I sat there thinking about the circumstances that had led myself and others to an emergency room full of sick people. I started the morning out, thinking all I wanted to do was get some cleaning done. I had our list of chores to do & it was sitting on the counter. As I did each chore, I meticulously checked it off our list. When I got to the last chore, I moaned, knowing I had made a mistake. I wanted to clean the blades on the ceiling fan & clean the air vents for the A/C. I thought about using the duster, but then I had a better idea. I pulled over the chair & climbed up. I had our duster near the air vent when I heard the doorbell ring. I put down the duster just as I heard the A/C turn on. The disturbed dust blew into our eyeah. I turned away from the dust, tripping over the arm on the captain’s chair. My body flipped over the arm & landed awkwardly with our leg still caught in the arm. My hubby came into the home office & chuckled until he saw our leg



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