I called the Website Development Company

I had such a horrible experience trying to design our own website that I was almost ready to supply up on our business. I wasn’t getting any joy from our website. I tried to redo the website design, but I just couldn’t seem to get what I needed. I had been perusing the web 1 afternoon when I came across an ad for a website development dealer. I instantly put in a phone call. I explained to them that I had a website but it was just costing myself and others currency. The operator I was talking to myself and others asked myself and others to hold for many minutes. She said our patience would pay off. After multiple minutes, another young man answered the phone. She told myself and others he was a professional website developer. She asked about the website design I already had. She wanted to guess what our goal was in having a website. She then asked myself and others what our website ID was. While I held on to the phone, he popped into our website. It took his a short time to tell myself and others he had found many problems. The website design had not allowed for visibility. I didn’t have a landing page included in our website design. She told myself and others that the website development corporation was going to send myself and others a questionnaire plus he wanted myself and others to answer every question with as much information as I could supply her. A week later, I was getting visitors to our website plus 4 possible leads for current clients. I hadn’t even paid the website development dealer, plus I was already receiving hits on our website.