I can give a hand

I have lived and traveled all over in the United States. My favorite places have definitely all been along the coasts. I love being able to see the ocean from my room and the sunrise over the beach. The United States has some amazing diversity in climates and geography. When I was living in the south I never had to worry about my heater or furnace. I never actually even called an HVAC company. The climate was so warm and mild that I would just leave the windows open and let the air cool or warm me. When I moved up north it was a little different. I made frequent calls to my HVAC provider every few months. Either there was some problem with my air conditioner or my heating system. The HVAC technicians are always super friendly and understand that when you call you want the repair to happen almost right away. Nobody likes to be cold without a heater working. The climates I have experienced made me realize how to choose a house as well. I now look at the heating and cooling systems when purchasing and think about what the weather will be like, how this will affect my heating and cooling bill, etc. I also have a few relationships with local HVAC technicians in various areas from moving all over the place. Usually the ones that offer free installation on heating and cooling equipment are the ones that I recommend to friends. The changing temperatures and seasons make me love the United States and its many climates.

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