I can not believe this

It seems the world and inflation is taking over.

Everything on earth is going up in price non-stop and it is driving me completely nuts! It is like every single place I turn I can not get away from a price raise on something.

This goes double when it comes to my gym membership. I have been going to this local gym for many years and have had a locked in price of the membership. All of a sudden last month, the gym membership price skyrocketed up almost triple what it used to be! I could not believe it! I was very upset about this. I had a certain amount of money aside for my gym membership every single month of the year, and now they go and do this mega price raise on me. It was really horrible. I actually have looked into the prices of health and fitness centers, and they seem to be a little cheaper, but not by much. However, I think if I quit the gym membership and go with a health and fitness center membership, I will have saved a few bucks and get much more for my money. They do not have what they have at the health and fitness center at the gym. So I really think the gym has all of a sudden become a big rip off. I want nothing but quality and get everything I am paying for. And that gym membership with the new prices just isn’t going to provide this for me. So to the health and fitness center I will be going starting next week!
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