I can stay open because my restaurant is clean

I own a bar and eating establishment that can stay open during the covid-19 pandemic.

Several bars and eating establishments are not so lucky.

Many of them will be shut down while the pandemic is going on. Some will never come back and reopen. This viral outbreak is going to change the way we work, live, and vacation for a long time in the future. I’m blessed to have a place that can stay open. I can still continue to make money even during these difficult economic times. In order to stay open, I have to take extra safety precautions. For instance, I had to install an air cleaner in the building. I was required to have continuous air filtration in order to remain open right now. Secondly, I was required to have a professional cleaning service sanitize and clean all surfaces every 3 days. I decided to have that sanitizing service performed every 2 days. The janitorial corporation sprays everything in the building with a disinfectant spray. The germicide kills all viruses and germs including the coronavirus. Thankfully, the disinfectant is non toxic and safe to use in my kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, plus eating establishments. I will not be open for indoor dining but every item on my menu is going to be available for takeout or delivery. I even hired extra delivery drivers soI can meet the needs of my clients, and right now, the best thing is I can have my employees working. Some of them can’t be out of work that long.



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