I can teach a class at the annex

I’m willing to try it out plus commit to one class each week.

A friend of mine teaches a class on cooking plus baking at the learning annex on south street; Last week, the two of us met for tea plus she asked me to start teaching a class as well. I have a successful small company that works on Heating plus Air Conditioning replacement plus repairs. I have been a licensed Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance professional for 30 years plus I emrue more than 50 employees in this county. My Heating plus Air Conditioning company services commercial, industrial, plus residential concerns. Every one of us even maintenance most of the machines at the airport including an entire 13 jet fleet. I was still surprised when she asked me to teach a class at the annex, and she needs someone to commit to teaching more than one classes each week on small apartment repairs plus maintenance. She thought I would be the perfect candidate. Our lunch date was the perfect way to soften me up before the request. Since the learning annex is a free maintenance for area residents, the teaching position is a voluntary service. She wanted me to commit to more than one classes, but the best I could do was one. I’m not sure I will enjoy teaching plus coming to a classroom, plus work has been busier than normal. I’m willing to try it out plus commit to one class each week. She said I could option the day, so I chose Thursday night. It’s absolutely the slowest day of the week at work. I’ll have my first class next Thursday plus 22 people already signed up online. The topic of discussion will be energy saving tips plus using the sunshine to our advantage.

Cooling specialist