I can’t believe my window A/C equipment is gone

My cousin is a true alarmist.

  • She said she had actually read in a place where someone was taking air conditioning equipment out of the windows of numerous properties.

She kept telling myself and others I needed to secure all of our window AC units so no one could possibly get them. I lived in the midst of a gated community. I couldn’t figure out how anyone who didn’t live at the same place, could get inside the gates and steal something like an air conditioning unit. Not only that, however a vast majority of people in our community had central air conditioning equipment. If you had a window AC unit, it was most likely in the attic window. That would be quite a feat to get up to the attic and steal an AC unit separate from being seen by anybody in the area. I laughed at Lisa when she started talking about the numerous thefts. I told her how nuts that was, and I dismissed her concern for me. Roughly a month later, I was on my way back to my property from my task and I saw a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair van pulling out of our gated community. It had a couple of AC units on the back of the truck. We regularly saw strange repair vans inside the gate. I thought nothing about this actual one, assuming a few people had new AC equipment installed. When I got back to my property, I parked in the garage and never thought to do an inspection of our property. I was going into our property and not entering some unknown hotel. I wish I had taken total stock of our surroundings. It was something my fiance was often telling me to be aware of our surroundings. While I was at my place of work, someone had taken our air conditioning equipment, and it was actually in the repair van that I had seen.

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